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In order to keep old Nabhaites informed about one another as well to keep them in touch with School (and vice versa),  a medium for flow of information was necessary. Thus was born ‘The Eagle’ as an initiative of Dr Jashanjot Singh Bhangu (S-52,1967). He was also the Founder Editor. It was initially called the “ONA News Bulletin” when it was started in early 1980s from Nabha. Its printing and postage costs were met by advertisements from Old Nabhaites on the last page . Later in a meeting the name ‘The Eagle‘ was adopted because of its presence on the school emblem and its sheer symbolism of ‘Onward and Upward’. With its advent, the dormant feelings of Old Nabhaites for the PPS were aroused and the response was enthusiastic. ‘The Eagle‘ contributed greatly to bonding within the ONA.

There was no issue after 1985 as Jashanjot left Nabha. It was restarted by Dr Jashanjot (S-52, 1967) and Ashwani Aggarwal (J-144, 1974) as active co-editor from Jalandhar in late 1990s, with an initial contribution by the then President Vinod Kashyap (J-65,1967).

Initially it was brought out  in print format. The printing and postage of almost three thousand copies at one stage cost money , hard work and time. The physical part involved repeated visits to the printer and multiple proof readings etc. Getting printed envelopes, folding each copy of The Eagle to fit the envelope, making address stickers, printing them, cutting them and pasting them on envelopes, sticking postage stamps on every envelope (imagine doing it almost 2500+times) and finally taking them in bunches to the post office for posting  was indeed a laborious and tedious process. The rewards were the compliments and highly appreciative wonderful responses that poured in from Old Nabhaites , which were very gratifying. Without touching ONA funds, “The Eagle” was managed with donations from generous Old Nabhaites.These donations were mostly fifty or hundred rupees, sometimes few hundred rupees  and occasionally as high as sponsorship of an entire issue  (routed through ONA).  The sponsors’ names were mentioned in the particular issue itself.

Later, with internet technology, The Eagle was gradually converted fully to an E zine which could be managed on personal computer with internet connection. This led to freedom from any financial support. Dependence on donations was over. Still later , photographs were added to E zines as there was no cost addition. However, a lot  more physical effort and time were essential.

Reading the issues from the beginning will give the readers an idea of how ONA was evolving.  The effort  was made to send out positive vibes only and always. The issues around Golden Jubilee were attributed mostly to recording history of the school after a lot of personal research by Dr Jashanjot as well as  collecting articles from different personalities.

Now the time has come for the baton to pass and some talented fresh Old Nabhaites to take over the mantle of running it. Initial guidance can be provided.

Here are some issues of The Eagle:

  1. 31st issue – The Eagle – August 2015
  2. 30th issue – The Eagle – August 2014
  3. 29th issue – The Eagle – March 2013
  4. 28th issue – The Eagle – August  2012
  5. The Eagle – June 2012 special issue dedicated to Gen Bikram Singh
  6. 27th issue – The eagle – April 2010 Part 3 Golden Jubilee Year
  7. 27th issue – The Eagle – April 2010 Part 2 Golden Jubilee Year
  8. 27th issue – The Eagle – April 2010 Part 1 Golden Jubilee Year
  9. 26th issue – The Eagle – April 2009
  10. 25th issue – The Eagle – Dec  2008
  11. 24th issue – The eagle – Dec  2007
  12. 23rd issue – The Eagle – 2007 April
  13. 22nd issue – The Eagle – Sept 2006
  14. 21 st issue – The Eagle – Mar  2006
  15. 20th issue – The Eagle – Oct  2005
  16. 19th issue – The Eagle – Oct  2004
  17. 18th issue – The Eagle – Jan  2004
  18. 17th Issue – T he Eagle – Oct  2003
  19. 16th Issue – The Eagle – May 2003
  20. 15th Issue – The Eagle – Jan 2003
  21. 14th Issue – The Eagle – Aug 2002
  22. 13th Issue – The Eagle – Jan 2002
  23. 12th Issue – The Eagle – Oct 2001
  24. 11th Issue – The Eagle – May 2001
  25. 10th Issue – The Eagle – Jan 2001
  26. 09th Issue – The Eagle – preONA Day 2000
  27. 08th Issue – The Eagle – Jan 2000
  28. 07th Issue – The Eagle – Oct 1999
  29. 06th Issue – The Eagle – April 1999
  30. 05th Issue – The Eagle – Oct 1998
  31. 04th Issue – The Eagle – July 1998
  32. 03rd Issue – The Eagle – April 1998
  33. 02nd Issue – The Eagle Jan 1998
  34. 01st Issue – The Eagle – Oct 1997
  35. The ONA News Bulletin Oct 1983
  36. The ONA News Bulletin July 1983
  37. The ONA News Bulletin Mar 1982
  38. The ONA News Bulletin Mar 1982 page 5 only