President’s Message

President’s Message


Dear Fellow ONs,


It is indeed a proud privilege and great honor to have been given the task of being the President of the ONA for the second tenure. With God Almighty’s grace and support from the entire ON community we were able to perform our duties transparently and to the best of our abilities. Despite the pandemic, we were able to do some important and new activities and introduce some new SOPs and protocols basically with the aim to foster the NABAHITE SPIRIT. In the previous term, there has been tremendous feedback on the issues of the ONA which have given me an insight into what are the key areas that my team and I have to address in our second term. Frankly, having interacted with large numbers of the ONs I must confess that ours is a very unique Alumni and hence has to be managed accordingly. I am aware of the challenges that we face and am convinced that they can only be overcome with your support. It is my firm belief that now that we are in the Diamond jubilee Year the time has come for all of us to give back to our Alma Mater. We definitely have to go beyond the Chapter and Annual ONA dinners and think of doing bigger things for the School and the children. There are many opportunities and ways to do so. Details of which I keep sharing with you through various groups. Some of my thoughts on the importance of the relationship of the Alumni are given below:-

• An organization’s alumni are the reflection of its past, representation of its present, and a link to its future.
• Alumni relations have become a strategic asset for any kind of educational institution willing to stand out from the domestic and international competition.
• Educational institutions are changing the way they see and interact with their alumni community. Earlier, alumni and their alma-mater were treated as separate entities wherein one’s existence was independent of the other. Local alumni chapters were formed as a means to interact with other fellow alumni. However, these associations seldom had any interaction with the institution they passed out from.
• With the advent of Social Media, alumni relationship has taken a different flavor altogether. Institutions have started to harness the power of alumni through various networking platforms like LinkedIn , Facebook, Twitter, etc. by creating their alumni groups and profiles on them.
• Involvement of alumni in campus life. Wherever possible, alumni should return to the school and meet current students. It will promote friendly relations between the Old Boys, the present boys, and the Staff (including Non-Teaching staff ) of the school There are countless ways to do this including seminars, competition panels, speeches, retreats, mentoring, or student body sports events. It will encourage the Old Boys and girls to take an active and abiding interest in the work and success of the PPS in keeping with the ideals of the School.
• When alumni engage with students, it creates valuable relationships that serve both parties as they progress through life. Such a step will encourage mutual efforts towards the furtherance of the aims and objectives of The Punjab Public School Nabha.
• Maintaining affinity with alumni after passing out from school can provide invaluable, lifelong support for higher education. To help in mentoring, finding the avenues of employment or occupation, and in acquiring facilities for technical, vocational, and professional training to students associated with PPS in India and abroad.
• Engaged and active alumni will support their school both financially and in other meaningful ways. To help, encourage and assist the spread of education and to render assistance, make endowments, award scholarships/bursaries to deserving students of PPS, and for this purpose to take all steps as may be necessary
• Leveraging the alumni community can be a win-win for both the institution and the alumni. Many of them are willing to ‘give back to their alma-mater as a sign of their gratitude and affinity towards the institution.
• Build lifelong relationships by making current students feel valued, and make it clear the journey doesn’t end as soon as they pass out from school.
• Ensure to engage alumni immediately on passing out to avoid a lapse in contact which may lead to permanently losing connection. It is significantly easier to maintain relationships than to build them later.

I have yet again taken up this challenge, for I am passionate about getting you all together so that we all can work as a big large family to fulfill the objectives of the ONA. I feel that this is one great way for me to give back to my ALMA MATER.
I continue to seek the guidance and assistance of my seniors, peers, and juniors to fulfill the vision of the ONA i.e. “The welfare of old Nabhaites , The Punjab Public School, Nabha and ex-Teachers.
I would once again like to appeal to the younger generation and the Girls to come forward and get more involved in the affairs of the ONA. We all love the School equally and have similar nostalgic memories of the best time of our lives …let us all together reminiscence that nostalgia through the ONA. The launch of the Website is the first major step towards that. Now that the ONA site is up and running please register on the site and be in touch with the ONA activities.

In the end, I will like to convey my gratitude to the new Headmaster, Mr. Ajay Singh, and his staff for the excellent cooperation in conducting the ONA events at the school. I am sure together we will build an excellent relationship.

Looking forward to yet another great innings!

Onward and Upward
With Best Wishes and Fond Regards

Brig HPS Bedi, VSM
Indian Army Veteran