President’s Message

President’s Message


Dear Fellow ONs,


It is indeed a proud privilege and great honor to have been given the task of being the President of the ONA. In the recent past there have been tremendous feedback on the issues of the ONA which have given me an insight into what are the key areas that my team and I have to address. I am aware of the challenges that we face and am convinced that they can only be overcome with your support. I have taken up this challenge for I am passionate about getting you all together so that we all can work as a big large family to fulfill the objectives of the ONA. I feel that this is one great way for me to give back to my ALMA MATER.

I am extremely grateful to my predecessors specially Dr JJ Singh for having done some excellent pioneering work. I am here to seek the guidance and assistance of my seniors, peers and juniors to fulfill the vision of the ONA i.e. “The welfare of old Nabhaites, The Punjab Public School, Nabha and ex-Teachers”.

I would like to appeal to the younger generation and the Girls to come forward and get more involved in the affairs of the ONA. We all love the School equally and have similar nostalgic memories of the best time of our lives …let us all together reminiscence that nostalgia through the ONA. The launch of the Website is the first major step towards that.

At the end I will like to convey my gratitude to my Headmaster, Mr. JK Kate and all the teachers under whom I studied, for making me what I am today.

Looking forward to a great innings!

Onward and Upward
With Best Wishes and Fond Regards
Peter Bedi