MR. MS Bedi

Mr. Manjitinder Singh Bedi

(22-07-1999 to 30-09-2004)

(Compiled by Dr. Jashanjot Singh, S-52, 1967)



Mr. Manjitinder Singh Bedi (J-82) passed out from The Punjab Public School, Nabha in 1969 after his ISC. He was a good sportsman in school, and was captain of the School Cricket Team, he also represented the School in Football, Hockey and Athletics teams. He graduated from St.Stephen’s College, New Delhi. In St Stephen’s he was member of the Hockey team. He began his teaching career with a short stint of three months at The PPS in 1976 before moving to the Scindia School, Gwalior, where he taught History for 18 years. Later he was the Headmaster of GRD Academy, Dehra Dun and Nishan Public School, Karnal owned by Old Nabhaite Major RS Bhinder (S-229).

Mr MS Bedi the Headmaster, with School staff.

He joined as Headmaster of The Punjab Public School, Nabha on 22nd July, 1999. He was the first Old Nabhaite (J-82,1969) to occupy the coveted seat. During his tenure several new ventures were started. The new Sports Complex for girls was inaugurated. Provision was made for setting up a basketball court, a tennis court and a volleyball court adjacent to the new Dining Hall in Junior School.

Sports complex for girls in junior school next to Dining Hall consisting of Basketball , Badminton, volleyball and tennis courts. Past Vs Present basketball game in progress on ONA Day.

The School organised an inter-school cross country run, on 13th April 2000, to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of The Punjab Public School, Nabha.

In August 2000, the first Padma Shri JK Kate Memorial IPSC debate was organized in the school Auditorium. As part of the Anniversary Celebrations, The PPS hosted the IPSC Basketball tournament in October 2000. A record number of 16 teams participated. The PPS also hosted the 37th All India IPSC Athletic Meet in December in which 17 teams of leading public schools sweated it out for the coveted trophy. MNSS Rai team emerged champion while The PPS team was runners up.

In October 2000 and October 2001, the school administration, under the leadership of Mr MS Bedi , Headmaster, helped the Old Nabhaites Association in holding the grand events of “Rendezvous 2000”and “Interaction 2001” as part of their ONA Day celebrations. The highlight of these was honouring of Old Nabhaite Bravehearts’ families -Maj RS Cheema (R-8), Capt Manjinder Bhinder (R-505,1984), Harpreet Mand (B-137), Capt Harpal Singh (R-173, 1973), Capt Harjeet Aulakh (S-297) and DSP Rupinder Teja (J-139,) . A record number of Old Nabhaites attended, especially in ‘’Rendezvous2000’’. Mr MS Bedi also graced the occasion of an ONA dinner and The PPS Horse show with the H.E. the Governor of Punjab as chief guest in Chandigarh.

Pictures show Mr MS Bedi addressing the audience at the occasion of “Rendezvous 2000” (ONA Day); The audience including Old Nabhaites and Pawan Munjal cutting the tape before gifting a bus to The School, with him is the headmaster Mr MS Bedi

Pictures show Audience at the function of honouring the bravehearts at the occasion of “Interaction 2001” (ONA DAY). Families of Manjinder Bhinder (R-505,1984), Maj RS Cheema VrC(R-8,1963), Harpreet Mand (B-137,1969) and Capt Harjit Aulakh (S-297, 1977) are seated in front rows on the left; Maj RS Cheema’s son and wife Jatinder presenting a trophy in his name to the Headmaster Mr MS Bedi; Capt Harjit Aulakh’s father addressing the audience.

Pictures show MS Bedi with Gen Jacob and Minitster Kanwaljit Singh at the horse show. With his mentor history teacher and cricket player Mr Bharadwaj, wishing him well with a gift at the dinner with HE the governor of Punjab.

In 2001, the Gen Jacob Computer Center was inaugurated. It had 31 multimedia computers networked through a virtual LAN drive with remote boot technology. It provided for entire class of 30 with a computer student ratio of 1:1.

Boys working in the Gen Jacob Computer Center in Senior School.

In October 2001, School hosted first IPSC Basketball tournament for the second year in a row with 19 teams participating. This was followed by 38th All India IPSC Athletic Meet in December. The para -sailing club was launched and The PPS became the first in the country to introduce it. Mr Bedi felt horse riding, swimming and para sailing were instrumental in building self-confidence of students and getting rid of their fears.

The ‘Roll of Honour’ Award for Old Nabhaites was initiated by him. In 2003, Maj. Gen. OP Nandrajog was the first recipient of the Honour (He later, retired as Lt Gen and GOC-in-C Central Command).

In 2003 second term on Founders’Day, Justice O.P.Verma inaugurated the new squash courts in the Senior Wing after the function. Shri Hanuwant Singh, scion of the erstwhile royal family of Nabha had earlier laid the foundation stone of the courts and donated a sum of Rs.20 lakhs for the construction.

The Squash Courts in Senior School towards the entrance road from Hira Mahal colony side.

In 2004, Mr MS Bedi was nominated to the Governing Council of the IPSC. He was also appointed as the Governor of Sports Committee of IPSC.
He stepped down from the august office of headmaster of The Punjab Public School, Nabha on 30th September, 2004. During his tenure, the school saw all round growth especially in the field of games and sports.

A dynamic person with excellent organising capabilities, he always stood for traditional concept of balanced and holistic education in a public school.

At the time of their leaving the School, Mr and Mrs Bedi donated a trophy to be awarded to the Best House Show every year. He bid adieu to the School with the following message: “My parting words to all of you would be- please remember, whatever you do, think first about the School. You must have a sense of belonging to this place. It is your alma mater. Be optimistic and positive. And I am sure you will be successful.”