Panchkula Chapter ONA( PONA)

The Panchkula chapter of ONA was founded in 2008. We are more than 75 to 100 ON's and families in the chapter. Before COVID 19 we use to meet every month stag and with family quarterly. We have to transform nabhaite sprit into our families also. PONA is proud to give two presidents of ONA ie LtGen TK Sapru and now Brig HPS Bedi. A dinner meeting was organized by the nabhaites of Panchkula at Chandigarh press club on Sunday 25-5-19. In this meeting around 13 members participated & it was decided to make the PANCHKULA chapter more active & organized. So an executive body was formed & the list is as below.


    • Sunil Vashisth
    • Lalit Mohan Gulati
    • Sandeep bansal
    • Vinod Sharma
    • Vikas jindal
    • Vishal basil
    • Anil Aggarwal

Hopefully we all will with the support of all nabhaites be able to make this chapter a strong one. Onwards & Upwards.