California (CONA)

Perhaps the first ONA Chapter started outside India, CONA has played a key role in keeping Nabhaites in North American connected. Our meetups are attended by ONs from all of west coast - from B.C., Canada to San Diego and from all over the U.S. and Canada. We have even had people from India and Europe plan trips so as to coincide with our get-togethers. And, if we do have anything planned - just say the word and we will put it together at very short notice. In keeping with the Nabhaite spirit, we drop everything to spend time with fellow Nabhaites and welcome all who come to our beautiful Golden State.

If you're in California or anywhere in western U.S. and have not yet made contact, please come out of hiding. We would be delighted to include you in our next event - heck, we'll even come down to see you!

Contact: Sharing some pictures from an early Old CONA meetings when the legend Games and PT incharge MR PS Gill visited California.