ONA Professionals


Commerce & Camaraderie

ONA Professionals serves ONs to connect with and look for fellow professionals. From farmers to doctors – ones well established, or just getting started – or if you are simply looking for a connection – we welcome you all.  Nabhaites already have several opportunities to socialize during organized chapter meets. This is an attempt to further develop these existing relationships and make it easier for Old Nabhaites to expand their business activities by sharing resources, information, ideas, advice and even referrals. A shared history and experience provides an environment through which alumni can actively associate with each other and build new business activity.


  • It is an active business referral network and connection network.
  • It is an information resource network of qualified and established professionals.


  • It goes beyond business: as professional colleagues and as friends.
  • We are a unique professional group, where people effortlessly connect beyond the name-tag.

Check back soon. We will be launching this section very soon with alumni data.

Thank you