ONA Executive Committee meet with HE Mr. VP Singh Badnore Governor Of Punjab

The ONA Executive Committee made a courtesy call on HE Mr. VP Singh Badnore, Governor Of Punjab and Chairman of the Board of Governors of PPS Nabha.

During the interaction, the Governor gave the following points

  • Importance of a strong Alumni Association.
  • The need to work closely with the Headmaster.
  • Maintain comradeship and Bonhomie amongst the ONs
  • Raising of Corpus to fund projects to improve the living conditions of the students and institution of various scholarships.
  • Since the rules don’t permit an increase in fees the gap must be filled by the alumni.
  • Mentoring is one of the Key factors in guiding the youth of today. The alumni must take this as a mission.
  • The younger lot must be motivated to be part of the ONA its activities.
    In the modern era of digitisation, a common platform in terms of a website is a must and an essential tool to bring everyone together.
  • Need of a spokesperson who could connect with all ONs worldwide. (Immediate action has been taken wherein Ms. Neelinderjeet Kaur Sandhu (Neelu Sandu) (B-807) Batch 86 has been nominated as the official spokesperson for Chapters Pan India. We will now request for names for one for International Chapters)

The President thanked the Governor for all his advice and the keen interest taken by him in steering the School as the Chairman of the Board. He specifically thanked him for allocating Rs 70 Lacs very recently, for new Cambridge block coming up in the School.

He informed the Governor that the majority of the points mentioned by him were under consideration of the committee and assured him that we will continue to seek his advice and guidance.

The Governor was welcomed by the ON Girls and later presented a Momento by the Committee.

Onward and Upward

Team ONA