A stellar education experience at one of the top schools in India, such as ours, offers more than just the opportunity to learn. We, as an extended family, grow together and connect in unique ways through our shared experience. But what happens after we leave school? Just because you’ve moved out doesn’t mean you should ‘move on’ or cut ties with the people who know your strengths, talents, skills, and working style.

The mentorship program  aims to foster meaningful relationships between Nabhaites around the world and leave a lasting impact on the ONA and the larger PPS community. It provides a unique opportunity for you to share your professional and personal experience with a ONs and to help prepare them for a successful future. To become a mentor, please contact

We are blessed to have very successful Nabhaites placed all over the globe and from all walks of life. The ONA network is powerful– it connects people, create opportunities for interaction and collaboration. It supports Nabhaites’ personal and professional development throughout the course of their lives. This network is an invaluable resource as it fosters lasting and mutually beneficial relationships, often with very powerful results. And now, let’s talk about giving back: Mentorship.

For most people, the years between 16 and 24 are critical. From making decisions about colleges, what majors and career to pick to completing internships and entry level jobs, those eight years are hard to navigate and invariably lay the foundation of their lives. The key to successfully navigating this period is to have an effective support system of family, educators, and mentors who can offer both advice and access to opportunities.

Alumni mentoring is successful, not only because of the advice provided, but because of the access to networks and opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable to a mentee.  Good mentoring is when you guide, advocate and use your experience and influence to help the mentee get access to more opportunities.

A strong network of alumni does much more than result in financial contributions to the school and the ONA. After all, alumni can help to “keep alive” the learning experience and provide opportunities for the individuals to continue to share knowledge and best practices. If we are truly concerned with long-term positive outcomes, it makes sense to leverage that, often deep, connection among Nabhaites and the success and experience of our seniors.

On that note, we would love to know more about your accomplishments, experience and where you are in life. Please keep us posted. Remember, no milestone is too small.  We want to encourage you to reach out even if you are not doing so good and struggling. Someone within the Nabhaite family might be able to guide you, connect you with someone who can or simply be there for support.

For becoming a mentor, or if you are looking for a mentor, please Contact Us .