The Founders and the Foundations
19-02-2021 A moment in the history of The Punjab Public School, Nabha ,when the President of India inaugurated the School on... + Read more
Scooter Limerick from November 1963 Chronicle!
18-02-2021 The picture shows Mr Dick Pine on his scooter next to Rohti canal in 1963. He was a Peace Corps... + Read more
The Great Indian “Poorie”
14-02-2021 Mr. David Goldberg was an American Peace Corps Teacher in the School between 1964-66. In the picture he is seen... + Read more
The PPS Timeline (1959-2010)
05-02-2021 This is a brief outline of events in the history of The Punjab Public School, Nabha from 1959 to 2010,... + Read more
About Myself
12-01-2021 Written by Gurinder Chhachhi  (S-76,1967) who is standing to right of the Chief Minister, Punjab Gurnam Singh, as editor of... + Read more
05-11-2020 On Saturday, 3rd November, the 'ONA Day 2K1' or 2001,  was celebrated as "Interaction 2001" to promote fellowship among Old... + Read more
A Typical School Day
30-10-2020 [caption id="attachment_2648" align="aligncenter" width="900"] The Classroom [/caption] Written as a poem in lighter vein by Vishal Khullar (S-774,1987) in the... + Read more
26-10-2020 This article is taken from the 'POTPOURRI" of March ,1984 issue of the Chronicle. It is like a flashback in... + Read more
Early Years of The Punjab Public School- By Lila Kak ,Ex- Teacher
24-10-2020 Ms Lila Kak is standing in second row fifth from right behind Mr. M. Vodden.   (Mr. Kate knew that... + Read more