08-06-2021 FOUNDERS' SONG   The picture of 11th April, 1961. Picture shows The President of India, Dr Rajendra Parsad, who inaugurated... + Read more
OLD Nabhaite Makes History!
28-05-2021 Old Nabhaite makes History (Saying It in Punjabi)   Punjab Congress MP Jagmeet Singh Brar (J-116) made history of sorts... + Read more
On Being The Cricket Coach!
25-05-2021 The picture taken during an exhibition cricket match, ONA Vs  School Eleven in 2002 . it shows members of both... + Read more
The Roots of Punjab Public School, Nabha
30-04-2021 Just before 2010, the Golden Jubilee Year Celebrations of The Punjab Public School, Nabha, I felt it was a good... + Read more
Pangs of writing the Chronicle and the School Van of 1960s
28-04-2021 The first time, a Helicopter landed in School with Defence Minister Mr. YB Chavan as the Chief Guest on Founders'... + Read more
First Cricket Century in School
23-04-2021 Sivpal Virk (R-40,1966), a naughty boy as the expression in the picture shows, has the distinction of making history by... + Read more
19-04-2021   Offering Tea to the guests. A picture of Mr JK Kate in formal dress on the Founders Day, with... + Read more
About Myself:-Objectively speaking (An Essay)
19-04-2021 In the picture above the 1967 Batch is seen with Mr John Mallon. He was Head of English department and... + Read more
Examination Days! (A Poem)
18-04-2021 EXAMINATION DAYS! (A Poem) + Read more