Proud Old Nabhaite
01-10-2020 Manpreet Poonam, IAS (S-472,1980) wrote this poem with pride. In the picture above he is seen as the female lead... + Read more
12-08-2020 The crimes of School Days and their punishments are remembered with nostalgia. Here are some narrated by Harinder Bhullar (R-786,ICSE1990) + Read more
The Man from Protonia
06-08-2020 The irrepressible Avninder (Fatty) writes about one of his experiments with life in The Punjab Public School, Nabha. Picture shows... + Read more
Diving to clean up the Harbour
05-08-2020 Maybe, it had to do with the school swimming pool, Lt Ravinder Kakar (R-97,1965-71), when the moment came during a... + Read more
The Prayer said at "Lights Out"
01-08-2020 For those who may not know In the early years (1960s) Junior School children said a prayer before going to... + Read more
Remembering those days and friends!
29-07-2020 Dr. Vineet Mehta (J-72,1967) ,settled in USA, remembers his school days, friends ,teachers and lessons he learnt from The Punjab... + Read more
Two Anecdotes from School!
28-07-2020 Manpreet (S-472,1976-80) recites anecdotes from his school days. Where he was, interested and involved in extra-curricular activities. Picture shows the... + Read more
The Man from Protonia
24-07-2020 Written by the naughty boy of Ravi House or 'Fatty' as Avaninder was called in School. + Read more
23-07-2020 Mr Michael Vodden the British Council Teacher (1962-64) had the greatest influence in running of the School in 1960s. These... + Read more
The Appointment that set The Sainik School, Nabha Rolling.
21-07-2020 A letter addressed to Maj Som Dutt, Headmaster, The Lawrence School, Sanawar by Secretary to the Governor Mr HS Achreja,... + Read more
21-07-2020 The untimely demise of two of their classmates (outstanding sportsman Tarif and Lalinder Dhindsa) brought out emotional tributes from their... + Read more
First Day in School and Dick Pine's Swimming Lessons
18-07-2020 Bikramdev (S-84,1969) describes his personal experience as he entered The Punjab Public School, Nabha for the first time in 1963.... + Read more
17-07-2020 When The PPS trekkers to Rohtang in 1961 had a tryst with chacha Jawaharlal Nehru. The picture shows Nehru signing... + Read more
The Impressive and Irrepressible American
16-07-2020 Most impressive and irrepressible American was none other than the tall Peace Corp English Teacher, David Goldberg who strode the... + Read more
The Doctor Who Won a Gallantry Award
14-07-2020 There are not many doctors who have won Gallantry Award, Brig.Anil Kayastha (S-63,1968) is one of those rare ones. Picture... + Read more
"I Dream of Being in The Army"
12-07-2020 The boy who dreamt of being an Army Officer while in The Punjab Public School, Nabha , offered the ultimate... + Read more
The First Girl Students
11-07-2020 It maybe strange to imagine now, the school had no girls when it started. Ever wondered, who were the lucky... + Read more
When Kairon Block Became Lake Palace!
11-07-2020 The first summer (1960) brought incessant rain and flooding. This problem brought the whole staff and students together to face... + Read more
My Earliest Experience of The PPS!
11-07-2020 Mr KC Tandon (music) remembers with nostalgia, his first day in The PPS and magnanimity of Mr JK Kate, the... + Read more
08-07-2020 The Punjab Public School boy who not caring for his life showed what True Grit is. + Read more
Capt Harjit Aulakh
05-07-2020 When a person joins the armed forces, he is prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice for the nation. That's what... + Read more
The Daring Rescue
04-07-2020 Daring Rescue (biggest rescue, by winching from high altitude in the world) of a trapped high altitude patrol by, then... + Read more
First Old Nabhaite Gallantry Award Winner
03-07-2020 Three Old Nabhaites were awarded gallantry awards in 1971 war. Read about the first winner from Punjab Public School. His... + Read more
03-07-2020 Read the blood curdling story of how badly injured Maj Amardeep escaped from an Ambush ,with injured and killed colleagues... + Read more
Reach for the Sky
02-07-2020 The first Old Nabhaite to receive gallantry award in war who dared to fly high to knock our the enemy.... + Read more
The PPS – Indian Hockey – KDS Babu
24-06-2020 One of the many impressions formed in impressionable years while at The PPS, as remembered by Ashwani Aggarwal (J-188,1974). The... + Read more
Old Nabhaite likely to Boost Indian Golf
24-06-2020 How an old Nabhaite is doing his bit in helping the cause of Indian Golf (Year 2002). Picture shows Pawan... + Read more
A Tribute to "The Punjab Public School" by Dr.Mohan Chutani (R-241,1975) on it's Diamond Jubilee
20-06-2020 A beautiful, emotional and sentimental poem in Punjabi as a tribute to his Alma mater by Old Nabhaite Mohan Chutani... + Read more
Braveheart, Capt. Manjinder Singh Bhinder (R-505,1984)
12-06-2020 Old Nabhaite Capt MS Bhinder was a bright star in the horse riding sport. The Tall rider was happily married... + Read more
11-06-2020 The year 2000 saw a spurt of ONA activities. Among them , ONA dinner with the Chairman of the School... + Read more
I Knew I Must Go!
10-06-2020 For every student of The Punjab Public School, Nabha comes a day he has to leave school. Memories come flooding... + Read more
A Wise Investment
10-06-2020 A sensitive article, evaluating investment in materialistic world and in your students, which is wiser for a teacher? Read what... + Read more
Michael Vodden, the Teacher who wrote 'The School Song'
08-06-2020 Read about the multifaceted most influential personality of The Punjab Public School, Nabha in 1960s. The Man who penned "The... + Read more
08-06-2020 Rameshinder Sandhu (R-0441,1999-2004) a young Old Nabhaite, who is a budding writer and columnist. He writes about, how his passion... + Read more
08-06-2020 The way Public Schools are run, is along the personality of its Headmasters. The school history can be divided into... + Read more
“That place which makes us stand …” a poem
07-06-2020 A tribute to her School in a poem by a student Chandandeep Kaur (S-0258, March, 1997 issue of The Chronicle).... + Read more
06-06-2020 A must read for all Old Nabhaites and students and Teachers of the School. Read it to know about the... + Read more
Tribute to a teacher
05-06-2020 Students admire some of the teachers who make a great impression on them while in School and idolise them. When... + Read more
05-06-2020 The School not only acquired the palatial buildings and grounds of the Nabha State. The gracious Royals also presented the... + Read more
04-06-2020 Rameshinder (J-00441,199-2004) remembers when he faltered and how few words from his Sir restored his confidence and prevented him from... + Read more
When Maths gave me problems
30-05-2020 How did Maths treat you in School? Was it your Waterloo? Read how Rameshinder Sandhu (J-0441,1999-2004) struggled with it in... + Read more
29-05-2020 An incident written in lighter vein for and about my close friend Inderjit Singh Arora (J-40,1967), Prefect Jumna House. He... + Read more
Mr. J.K.Kate Awarded Padam Shri
29-05-2020 The day Mr JK Kate felt embarrassed in the Assembly Hall . The picture shows a young looking Mr JK... + Read more
Percept for the Old Nabhaites
28-05-2020 This Percept is taken From the Assembly Book and is meant for Old Nabhiates. Every year on ONA Day this... + Read more
26-05-2020 How and Why Sainik School, Nabha became The Punjab Public School,Nabha? The picture shows old Letterhead of 'The Sainik school',... + Read more
26-05-2020 Not shying from throwing in some criticism PPS Gill (B-39,1964) was Chief of Bureau,The Tribune and wrote this article on... + Read more
26-05-2020 Dr Kulwinder Sangha (B-371, 1976-ICSE) sees The Punjab Public School,Nabha as an epitome of discipline as "MINI-NDA" of Punjab.He looks... + Read more
"RENDEZVOUS 2000" (ONA DAY 2000)
24-05-2020 "Rendezvous 2000" was a grand celebration of ONA Day 2000 after almost fifteen years of ONA nonactivity in Punjab and... + Read more
The First Founders’ Day Cum Inauguration by Rashtrapati ji
22-05-2020 Recapturing the excitement of the First Founders' day cum inauguration of The Punjab Public School by the President of India... + Read more
The sinking of the INS Khukri, 1971 war
21-05-2020 The sinking of the INS Khukri 1971 war read to know what happened ?and citation of brave Madanjit Singh Ahluwalia... + Read more
First Official Day Of The Sanik School, Nabha
20-05-2020 14th April, 1960 the first official day of Sainik School ,Nabha now The Punjab Public School, as it happened. Picture... + Read more
Nostalgic summer holidays
19-05-2020 Do you remember how you felt thinking of the summer holidays when in School. Read what Rameshinder Sandhu (J-0441, 2005,ICSE)... + Read more
Reminiscing my Nabha days..
19-05-2020 (Rameshinder Sandhu (J-0441,2004 ICSE) is an Old Nabhaite staff journalist with Hindustan Times based in Ludhiana at this time. He... + Read more
17-05-2020 Late Baljeet Uppal (S-300) was brilliant in studies, excellent in sports, a natural leader, very well behaved and editor of... + Read more
17-05-2020 Read about this PPS brave heart and his indomitable spirit. Popularly known as 'Ropar Khalsa' or sometimes 'Pali'. His bravery... + Read more
Padma Shri JK Kate... A brief Life Sketch.
15-05-2020 Brief life sketch of the Great Founder Headmaster of The Punjab Public School, Nabha who within few years made it... + Read more
R-1 meets J-1 after 37 years
14-05-2020 Can you imagine meeting a long lost friend after 37years? Read about this strange but extremely pleasant rendezvous between Dr... + Read more
14-05-2020 Want to know how a car trip from Simla to Delhi got the wheels of The Punjab Public School rolling........... + Read more
Remembering JK.........
13-05-2020 Mela Singh as Office Superintendent had the privilege of closely watching Mr JK Kate run the School. Read what he... + Read more
The Life of a Boarder
13-05-2020 A tongue in cheek comments by a Headmaster to parents on the value for money addition done by School for... + Read more
Freedom, Authority and the Older Boy ...
13-05-2020 Did you ever get carried away in school to break the rule just for the heck of it knowing it... + Read more
12-05-2020 (At the time of Silver Jubilee Celebrations of The Punjab Public School in 1985, The HM, Gp.Capt.AJS Grewal decided to... + Read more
12-05-2020 Want to know what the 16th President of the USA Abrahm Lincoln, one of the greatest statesmen of the world,... + Read more
12-05-2020 (This interesting study is a food for thought on school education, work experience and efficacy. It comes Courtesy: Administrative Staff... + Read more
10-05-2020 (Mr. Vodden mentioned that when he sat for writing the School song, he started with the idea of co-operative service,... + Read more
Relevance of Pubic Schools
10-05-2020 The boarding school can influence the all-important matter of the development of the students' character. Punctuality is one of the... + Read more
10-05-2020 (A tongue in cheek comment on Public Schools by the indomitable Sardar Khushwant Singh in an article that he wrote... + Read more
Citation Of Rajvinder Singh Cheema VrC
09-05-2020 Lt.Rajwinder Singh Cheema (R-8) who destroyed them all and came back alive. Read the citation of one and only Vir... + Read more
09-05-2020 (Old Nabhaites Song/Anthem was composed by Mr YP Johri, The brilliant Maths teacher, who taught in School during the period,... + Read more
Memories of The PPS (1965-66) - Dr. Janet Anderman, VSO
08-05-2020 Dr Janet Anderman came to India as a Teacher in Junior School under the 'Volunteer Services Overseas' scheme of UK.... + Read more
Of Public Schools, Houses and House masters.....
08-05-2020 Ever wondered why Public Schools are known as Public Schools when they are not open to the general public and... + Read more
In A Class Of Its Own
07-05-2020 This article appeared In Spectrum section of The Tribune of Sunday, April 11, 2010. The day President of India visited... + Read more
A School with a difference (SCALING HEIGHTS OF GLORY)
06-05-2020 This article was published in "The Tribune" on !st December, 1985 at the occasion of Silver Jubilee of The Punjab... + Read more
FROM THE HEADBOY by Parminderpal Singh (1985)
29-04-2020 It is a rare opportunity to be appointed Headboy in the year of the Silver Jubilee of the school.  One... + Read more
Gopi B Malkani, The Lady With The Lamp
23-12-2019 In November, 1961, Mr.Kate “the talent headhunter” bagged yet another jewel in the crown of The PPS , Miss Gopi... + Read more
MIX of Students. (1)
23-12-2019 Pratap Singh Kairon further told me that though the name of my school was being changed, from Sainik School to... + Read more
Requiem for ‘The Great Banyan Tree’
21-12-2019 Of the many memories of my PPS days, one (and rather unusual) is that of the Great Banyan Tree and... + Read more
Genesis of The PPS Emblem - Col T.S. Dhillon (B-35)
17-10-2019 Mr. Y.P. Bhardwaj must have approved because he further handed over the bottle to Mr. O.P. Bhatnagar, ....... This was... + Read more
Meaningful Punishment - Rajiv Joshi J-102
17-10-2019 Who does not remember the various punishments one gets in a boarding school? It is part of the school life.... + Read more
My Memories of Nabha - Jyoti Kate (R-52)
16-10-2019 I fell in love with Nabha right from the first day. We were fascinated by the big building, the grand... + Read more
My Friend Bhupi - A Reunion (S-291)
20-06-2019 Dr. Rupinder Brar (Murgi) S291, penned this poem down after meeting a classmate (Major Bhupinder Dhanoa) who had to leave... + Read more
A Heart Full of Memories - Basanti Mathu (R-73)
20-06-2019 I remember when we were in class 8 (1964) during our Prep, I think that's what we called homework time... + Read more