The 101st issue of the Chronicle

Date: 23- 03- 22

The Chronicle has been the lifeline of information flow to all associated with the  school and parents since it’s inception. It was a record of the events happening in school day to day. Today the earlier issues of Chronicles are a goldmine of history of the earlier years. The frequency of the Chronicle issues varied from one month to three months but mostly it was monthly.

Below are sections of the milestone 101st issue of the Chronicle. It has articles by Mr. JK Kate and earlier editor  of 1960s Mr. RS Sibal who had moved to Mayo College,  Ajmer by then. Another article is by the current editor then (1971 May), Mr. BS Bhatnagar. Both were English masters in The Punjab Public School, Nabha. Articles also show the effort that went into writing , producing and printing an issue of The Eagle and the difficulties faced by those behind this effort.