Scooter Limerick from November 1963 Chronicle!

Date: 18- 02- 21

The picture shows Mr Dick Pine on his scooter next to Rohti canal in 1963. He was a Peace Corps worker who worked in the school. He helped in regulating and getting the swimming pool to a great start! He was the first  swimming coach, when the pool started in 1964. Many Old Nabhaites went on to do endurance swimming because of the ‘drown proofing’ he taught them.

From The Chronicle of 1963:
Mr J K Kate has bought a Lambretta- keep fingers crossed!
Mr Pine’s baby scooter is quite a craze. The dust it collects and noise it makes is crazy.


A Topical Limerick


A scootering called Pine

Thought his machine was fine;

When we all heard a clatter

He said, “It’s no matter,

That was the Headmaster’s not mine