R-1 meets J-1 after 37 years

Date: 14- 05- 20

(Can you imagine meeting a long lost friend after 37years? Read about this strange but extremely pleasant rendezvous between Dr Surinder Gupta (J-1) and Pritipal Singh (R-1).The picture above is of first mountaineering trip of school to Rohtang pass led by Geography teacher Mr MN Tankha. Extreme left is Pritipal (R-1) and second from right is Surinder Gupta (J-1)

R-1 meets J-1 after 37 years)


(R-1) Lt. Col. Pritpal Singh (Retd.) was in Albama, U.S.A., recently to attend the marriage of a close relative.  It suddenly appealed to him to try and contact (J-1) Surinder Gupta who was his class fellow from 1961-63 and had migrated to the U.S.A.


Not knowing his address Lt. Col. Pritpal consulted the American directory and found 7 persons bearing the name Surinder Gupta but only one with the prefix ‘Dr.’.  With trepidation he rang Dr. Surinder Gupta and pronto it was confirmed by the person at the receiving end that he was indeed (J-1) Dr. Surinder Gupta.


Next day Guptas drove to Albama from the adjoining state of Louisiana.  It was a grand and long awaited family reunion.  Well “where there is a will, there is a way”.  Long live the P.P.S. spirit!

Contributed some years ago by Late Lt. Col. H.S. Bajwa (S-25,1966) ,Co-editor “The Eagle


Below is a photograph of the visit of British High Commissioner John Wilkes Booth taking round of the school accompanied by Dr Surjit Singh, Senior Master and the first Headboy of School Pritipal Singh (R-1)