Proud Old Nabhaite

Date: 01- 10- 20

Manpreet Poonam (S-472,1980) wrote this poem. In the picture above he is seen second from right as the female lead in the play Äshad ka Ik Din”

Proud Old Nabhaite

“There is an island in every part of the world where I can go anytime,

There is a heart in every continent, which still beats for me,

There is an Old Nabhaite. in every country, who, in spite of his worldly journey,

Still carries the dust of P.P.S. on his sleeves. 

It makes me proud of the school and humbles me to thank the Almighty

For having sent me to such an institution,

I remain indebted to the teachers who went

Beyond teaching, and the classmates

Who went beyond the class room.

Ever so grateful and a proud Old Nabhaite     

Manpreet (S-472, 1980),IAS,


Our Teachers



And Our friends