Old Nabhaite likely to Boost Indian Golf

Date: 24- 06- 20


Old Nabhaite likely to boost Indian Golf

(K.R. Wadhwaney, “The Tribune”, Friday, 27th December 2002)

No other individual has contributed more for the progress and prosperity of Indian professional golf than Pawan Munjal(S-163,1970) . As chairman of the Asian PGA Tour Board of Directors, he is expected to provide further boost to Indian golf and Indian professionals.

Munjal, a golf addict and genuine promoter of sports, believes more in action than talking. He is short but his ideas are lofty and planning meticulous. Not for nothing has he become the chief of the prestigious Asian body for a term of two years.

The first Indian to head the all-important Asian body, Munjal has been the president of the Professional Golfers Association of India (PGAI). “We have taken off and we have to make allout endeavour to secure a larger piece of cake in the affairs of international golf” said Munjal, adding: “We have potential in Asia”.

According to Munjal, more Asian pros should be seen playing in international circuit outside Asia. With Munjal at the helm, maybe some more Indian pros will be able to get sponsorship.