My Friend Bhupi – A Reunion (S-291)

Date: 20- 06- 19

My Friend Bhupi—A Reunion

I remembered him vividly,
full of bravado— and dash.
Stockily built he was,
but with a sensitive laugh.
He played great hockey,
and occasionally sang.
We were classmates,
once upon a time.
Far from parents we lived,
confined and disciplined
in a boarding school dorm.
Full of boundless energy we were,
brimming with enthusiasm.
Pre-teens were we,
It was a magical time.
A split second mischief,
a harmless prank.
Yet harsh were the rules,
they separated our paths.
Away he was sent,
It left us stunned.
We met, again,
now middle aged men.
Our beards turned grey,
we had each grown a paunch.
A momentary hesitation,
then recognition dawned.
Moist eyes lit up,
amidst hugs we picked up.
From where we left—
like he was never gone.

Dr. Rupinder Brar (Gorki), S291, Class of 1979
July 2019  

Dr. Brar (Gorki as he likes to be called but, better known as ‘Murgi’ to ONs who know him better) penned this poem down after meeting a classmate (Major Bhupinder Dhanoa) who had to leave school due to childhood mischief.  He met Maj. Dhanoa recently in Toronto. The poem is dedicated to all reunions.