I became a Nabhaite and then, an Old Nabhaite

Date: 28- 06- 21

These are two articles written by Dr. Kulwinder sangha (B-371, ICSE-1976). The first one appeared in July 1974 after he joined The Punjab Public School, Nabha in first term. The second article was written by him after he left The School and appeared in the February issue of 1977 after he had left the School post ICSE (1976).

I have clubbed them together to make an interesting contrast and reading. The feelings expressed by Sangha are familiar to all Old Nabhaites.

Presently, Dr. Kulwinder Sangha is a well known Ophthalmologist, practicing in Jalandhar.

July 1974 issue of the Chronicle.

Kulwinder Sangha at the time of Joining School

From the February, 1977 issue of The Chronicle.

Sangha is on the right. This was after the qawaali   “Yaari hai imaan mera…”  from the film Zanjeer. All dressed as Pathans. It was performed during the House Evening.


Dr Kulwinder Singh Sangha , honouring Mr. KC Tandon (Ex-Teacher, History and Music) . He was an active member of the organising team of ‘Rendezvous 2000″ as part of Jalandhar Chapter who organised the great function on behalf of ONA.