Genesis of The PPS Emblem – Col T.S. Dhillon (B-35)

Date: 17- 10- 19

Genesis of PPS Emblem “The Eagle”

    It will be of great interest to all Nabhaites to know as to how our School emblem “The Eagle” came into being. The now soaring Eagle had in fact a very modest and humble take off.
    • It all started during one of our informal Football matches (played with a Tennis ball) between Beas and Jamuna Houses in the years 1960-61 in the Quadrangular Courtyard in the Main Building (Kairon Block) where Mr. Y.P. Bhardwaj, our History teacher was also present.

The talk amongst us veered to a desirable emblem for our school.My mind flashed to the label on the well-known beer brand “The Golden Eagle”. Fortunately, I was also able to fish out an empty bottle of the beer and hand it over to Mr. Y.P. Bharadwaj. Mr. Y.P. Bhardwaj must have approved of the idea of an Eagle on the emblem, because he further handed over the bottle to Mr. OP Bhatnagar.

Mr. O.P. Bhatnagar

    , Our Hindi teacher and my House Master. Mr. OPB, as he was called, was also a versatile artist and virtually a master of all trades i.e. arts, crafts, games etc. The Eagle, painted by Mr. O.P. Bhatnagar, was finally approved by the School authorities, as the School emblem. However it is very different from the one on the label of the beer bottle.

If I remember correctly, Brig. Budh Prakash Singh (J-38), Brig. Sureshwar Tiwari (J-34) and Col. (Dr.) Hoshiar Singh Gill (Ex Jamuna)were also witnesses to this great event. The “Eagle” today in its majestic flight is conquering newer heights amongst Nabhaites. As the saying goes “from tiny acorns grow mighty oaks”.

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