Early Years of The Punjab Public School- By Lila Kak ,Ex- Teacher

Date: 24- 10- 20

Ms Lila Kak is standing in second row fifth from right behind Mr. M. Vodden.


(Mr. Kate knew that children in junior school, mainly from villages of Punjab, were raw, without exposure to English or polish. So, he selectively assembled some of the best staff from all over India for them. Lila Kak was a very young daughter of an aristocratic family of J&K. When she graduated from St Bede’s, Shimla, Mr. Kate invited her to teach in junior school, where with her background and sophistication, she could influence the young children. Her father promptly agreed as he had admired Mr. Kate from the days when she was a student at Sanawar, where Mr. Kate served as the Bursar before coming to PPS.  Below is a piece written by her for The EagleDr Jashanjot, S-52, 1967)

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Early Years of The PPS- Lila Kak