Rajvinder Singh Cheema (R-8) Vr C

Date: 09- 05- 20



Ashoka Chakra

Indian insignia

Government of India

Ministry Of Defence

New Delhi


Citation in respect of Lieutenant
Rajvinder Singh Cheema (IC-23379),

Armoured Regiment, awarded Vir Chakra.


On the 6th December 1971,Lieutenant Rajvinder Singh Cheema led his troops for the capture of certain areas in the western sector. He showed great skill and determination in crossing a Bund and undeterred by enemy fire, he lobbed grenades into the enemy bunkers and captured an enemy post. Even when isolated at night, he stuck to his position and repulsed enemy counter attacks.

In this action ,Lieutenant Rajvinder Singh Cheema displayed gallantry, determination and leadership of a high order.

(Govind Narain)

Secretary to the Government of India,

Ministry of Defence.



FROM THE CHRONICLE: The Action!, The presentation in School and an interview. Written by Ravidev (S-131,1972), in November 1972.

Ravi House Football team 1960s RS Cheema (R-8) is standing behind  Harpreet Sidhu (R-2) who is kneeling extreme right. Housemaster MR. MN Tankha can be seen as the tallest person in the pisture.


In a Mountaineering trip to Rohtang pass in 1961 (2nd June-14June), RS Cheema is seen standing second from left.


Some photos from the  Service  time:

Receiving the honour from the President.

With charming wife Jatinder

This is on 06 November. 1979, the President of India and Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces Dr. Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy presented the Guidon to the Regiment of Major RS Cheema.