Date: 30- 07- 20

(Where angels abide)

The Houses and the “Shahi Samaadhs”


Where the trees are without fear,

And the fruits are held high:

Where jamun is free; 

Where the world of the hawker has not 

been broken up by low boundary walls; 

Where tireless striving stretches its arms 

towards the highest guava; 

And tireless cycling on Sunday morn 

rejuvenates the campus, 

Where the ice-cream of Krishan has not lost 

its way into the hairy elbows of Tom, Dick and Harry; 

Where the essence of the towns flows freely 

beyond the basketball border; 

Where the cattle herd is led forward by Thee 

into ever widening thought and action; 

Into that heaven of Nabha, my commander, 

Let my Shyam Bagh awake !

(An anonymous poem by a student of The Punjab Public School, Nabha)