‘A Report on the First Seven Years of the School’

Date: 21- 02- 21

A report on the first seven years of the School

Below are excerpts from the Chronicle of April,1967. These reflect the progress and history of seven years of the School from those at the helm. It will give you a good idea of the how school fared in its first seven years. Mostly written by ISC 1967 batch students.

  1. A Founders’’ Day report of the Headmaster JK Kate.
  2. Address by the Chairman of the Board, Governor Dharam Vira and Chief guest at the Founders’ Day.
  3. Interviews with Board members Major Raghuvendera Singh Chowdhary, Col Naunihal Singh Mann, Chief Minister Gurnam Singh and The Chief Guest himself.
  4. Above all an Interview with Mr JK Kate the Headmaster
  5. Interviewing editorial board of the School Chronicle consisted of Rupinder Chhachhi (S-77,1968), his elder brother Gurinder Chhachhi (S-76,1967), Jyoti Kate (R-52,1967) and Gurmeet Kanwal (J-68,1968), Vijay Kanwar(B-113,1967)
  6. A write up on the fete held that year by Vineet Mehta (J-72,1967)
  7. It also includes the events of March on the first page.

Dr Jashanjot Singh (S-52,1967)


Mr JK Kate  Padama Shree ,The Founder Headmaster.

Dharam Vira Governor of Punjab as Chief Guest being introduced to the staff on Founders’ Day, 1967

His excellency the governor of Punjab, Mr Dharam Vira ,Chief Guest at the 1967 Founders’ Day with Mr JK Kate coming down the stairs of Junior School.

The Editors of The Chronicle,1967. Gurinder Chhachhi (S-76,1967) on the left between local MLA Raja Narinder Singh and The Chief Minister of Punjab Mr Gurnam Singh in the centre. On the rightg are Gurmeet Singh (J-68,1968) and Vijay Singh Kanwar (B-113,1967). Sitting in front is Chief Secretary Mr Kahlon.