Date: 17- 07- 20

(When The PPS trekkers to Rohtang in 1961 had a tryst with chacha Jawaharlal Nehru. The picture shows Nehru signing an autograph at Manali, Later this photo was autographed by him on his Nabha visit on request from Rajkumar Hukku. Extreme right is partly seen Jeevan Puri (S-3,1964), Behind left shoulder of Nehru is Gurmukh Bawa (B-44), On right of Nehru with cap is Rajkumar Hukku (R-43), on his right is Jeevan Kate (S-34,1964), on his right is Surinder Gupta (J-1,1963) and Behind Kate and Hukku is Mr OP Bhatnagar ,Hindi and Art Teacher who accompanied them.)



The Year 1961:

Mr Tankha, Mr O P Bhatnagar and Mr Sarabjit set out on a trek to Rohtang Pass with a group of sixteen students during the summer vacation in 1961. The party also included two students of the Lawrence School, Sanawar. The school’s first trek to Rohtang Pass turned out to be a truly memorable one since the group had the privilege to call on Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India at Manali. Always a favourite with children, Chacha Nehru had the students eating out of his hands in no time. He evinced a keen interest in The PPS Nabha and Mr Tankha presented him a copy of the school prospectus. A memorable photograph was taken that was later signed by the great man himself during his Nabha visit in the following year.




In February 1962:

Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru came to Nabha on a short visit. His Highness The Maharaja of Nabha acceded to Mr Kate’s request and allowed the students to line up on the lawns of Hira Mahal enabling them to catch a glimpse of the great man. Later at the tea party hosted by the Maharaja, Raj Kumar Hukku mustered courage and approached Pt Nehru with a photograph taken the previous year when he had met the school team at Manali. Pt Nehru obliged with his autograph on the picture and the memorable picture is still treasured by the school.

(From the Chronicle)

Mr MN Tankha is the tallest guy in the pistures standing in the background