From The President’s Desk

Dear Fellow ONs,


It is indeed a proud privilege and great honor to have been given the task of being the President of the ONA. In the recent past there have been tremendous feedback on the issues of the ONA which have given me an insight into what are the key areas that my team and I have to address.

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Brig. HPS Bedi

VSM, R-58, 1968 Batch


The Old Nabhaites Association, Bulletin Board.
1. ONA Samman Samroh for founder teachers and selected non-teaching staff. To be held in April 2021 on Founders Day. Should the pandemic conditions continue this will be done in respective locations with help of ONS in those cities /towns.

2. Election to ONA Committee. The process commences on 01 Nov 2020.
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Proud Old Nabhaite
Proud Old Nabhaite
Manpreet Poonam (S-472,1980)wrote this poem. In the picture above he is seen as the female lead in the play Äshad…

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A Wise Investment
A Wise Investment
ALL my life I've envied people who have made wise investments. There are people I know who bought real estate

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Round Square Conference
Round Square Conference
Round Square Conference was hosted at PPS Nabha. Brig.HS Bedi(President) Mr. Rajinder Jain(Vice President) Mr.Vikas Jindal(Treasurer) of ONA (Main body)attended…

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Jashanjot Singh Bhangu (S-52,1967):

(The force behind ONA)

Mr. JK Kate realised early, the importance of an Old Boys Association of  The Punjab Public School, Nabha. To give a practical shape to this idea, a meeting was held on 14th March 1965, where the ONA was launched.  Mr OP Bhatnagar (Hindi) was unanimously elected General Secretary (staff). According to Anil Luthra (S-37, 1964) who attended it, “All I remember is we were five or six of us sitting around a table. I just asked one question as how will it fund itself when it grows big?”

With this meeting the ONA run by the School but not Old Nabhaites got off to a humble start.  Some activities managed by School with school funds took place as long as Mr JK Kate (1972) and Mr Bhatnagar (till 1970) were there, after which this informal ONA fizzled out. But it was the starting point.

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