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An Old Nabhaite  and  Old Nabhaites Association

With its formal beginnings in 1980 (actually begun informally in1964), and with all its ups and downs, the ONA is almost thirty years old now. About 5000 students have passed out from PPS.  Strangely only about 882 have shown active interest and motivation to become its Life Members till today. Of these, 500 are those who have become members on passing out from PPS in the last few years. The older generation is woefully short in this list. They are also the most vocal in meetings. All this time we have been sending information through emails, The Eagle, phones or letters, without making a distinction between an active member and a simple Old Nabhaite. Time has come to make a distinction between an Old Nabhaite and an Active Member of ONA.
Old Nabhaite is anyone who has passed out of or studied in PPS. An active member is one who, being eligible, has shown keenness and motivation to pay the membership fee and become a Life Member of the Old Nabhaites Association. This fee is kept as FD in Banks. Only the interest accrued is allowed to be used for ONA activities, if at all. The accounts are presented every year by the treasurer and Income Tax returns is duly filed. All Active Members of ONA are Old Nabhaites but all Old Nabhaites are not Active Members of ONA. The ONA has continued to treat them equally so far. However, from now on there will be a distinction between the two. The following will hold good.

  1. Only Active Members will be allowed to take part in ONA deliberations, discussions  and decision making.
  2. Only Active Members will have voting power in a meeting.
  3. Only Active Members can become Office Bearers or Executive Members.
  4. The Active Members will form Chapters at district levels etc as per the Constitution and elect two members from each unit to form the ONA Executive. The Executive in turn will elect the office bearers of ONA.

All Old Nabhaites who are keen to be involved in ONA are requested to become Life Members by sending in their fees in the form of a demand draft of Rs 2000 (US $100, if abroad) payable to ONA at Nabha, to the undersigned.

Kanwar Gurpreet Singh Gill (R-095)
Treasurer, ONA
279, Harinder Nagar, Patiala, INDIA
M: 09814034447

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