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Punjab Public School Nabha opened its doors more than forty years ago and since then several thousand students have graduated and stepped out of its portals. They came from all walks of society, sons and daughters of soldiers and farmers, traders and teachers. Most came as small boys, a little scared and very homesick, away from their parents for the first time.

Over the next few years, these little 'ruffians' learnt, played, swam and competed, all in the shadow of the hallowed domes of "The Punjab Public School Nabha". During the course of their stay there they developed a special bond of brotherhood to each other and "their school". This bond is hard to understand by others, (especially spouses of the old Nabhaites), and at times it borders uncomfortably close to that of a secret cult.

Today, many of those former scared little boys and girls have spread to all parts of India and the world. They are now running hospitals and businesses, commanding army divisions and naval warships. Where ever they are, most Old Nabhaites still carry a little of PPS in them and they continue to draw inspiration from the playfields and classrooms of 'Nabha'.

This site is dedicated to all those boys and girls, and it belongs to them, as well as to all those who currently wear, or in the future will wear on their chests, the badge depicting a soaring Eagle over the words "Onwards and Upwards".


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